How To Find A Diminished Value Appraiser and Why You Must Buy A DV Report

The first thing in finding a qualified appraiser is to find out if the DV appraisal is USPAP compliant, if it passes the Daubert standard of evidence, if it passes IRS comps test for ACV. Most reports either do instant formula based diminished value appraisals or they use a debt to car value ratio which is right for ACV and for normal appraisals but not for market valuations of a vehicle. The model act under NAIC says that a percentage of damage cannot be used to calculate diminished value amounts which is what 80% of companies do, the other 15% use automation, instant reports but it is ok you get what you paid for $9.99 to $35.00 reports is up your ally. If you are so unlucky to find an adjuster that is having a bad day they won’t only laugh at you but call you on fraud. Please, remember when you get free estimates to try to negotiate yourself you are letting the adjuster know: I am to cheap to buy a report and am willing to accept anything you offer. Do the smart thing, get an appraisal so you can get paid and don’t try to do everything yourself? This frame of thinking only causes you problems with the insurance company in the end.


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