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We do All the work for you including the appraisal, submitting the claim and assist in negotiations, you get paid directly and we don’t take anything extra.square-credit-card-logo


We do the appraisal and give you instructions to submit the claim,demand letter and negotiating points.square-credit-card-logo


Not all diminished value appraisal reports are created equal. First, one must understand that in order to make your claim to the insurance company you must provide comparable vehicles of the same condition. Your damaged vehicle compared against un-damaged vehicles in your region and market. Your exact vehicle year, make model, mileage, and current sales price according to Nada, Black book and Galves Auto Price list, which provide the most accurate vehicle appraisal valuations.

We understand the frustration that comes with dealing with the insurance company and for this purpose are determined to provide you with the most accurate diminished value appraisal report in the market and to prove how great it is we offer a money back guarantee.

Inherent Diminished Value is the most widely recognized claim by the insurance industry only second to car accidents and injury claims. This must be done by a licensed appraiser/adjuster with experience in the field. Our inherent diminished appraisal value assumes optimal repair quality has been achieved by the auto-body repair shop and is acceptable to your satisfactions.

Buy with confidence, we stand behind our appraisal and offer you 100% satisfaction